The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

A great part about traveling in Japan is the high proximity of traveling opportunities, especially in the Kansai area where Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, and Kobe are all within an hour train ride of each other. Taking full advantage of this happy grouping, we headed over to Osaka to explore the informally considered “best aquarium in Japan”.


The unique aspect of Osaka’s Aquarium is it’s design concept. The building is centred around an emormous tank, reaching about 5 stories high. Starting at the top, the floor slopes and spirals around around the tank until it reaches the bottom. This gives visitors a chance to see some sea creatures multiple times and at multiple angles as well as meeting some new ones at different depths.



Aside from the central tank, different species are housed on the surrounding walls as well as in specialized rooms.




The most exciting (or terrifying) room features a large shallow tank that allows visitors to reach in and touch a variety of rays and fish. It looked like the sight of a situational experiment, because all the adults stayed on the outside of the room, shooting each other awkward grins and chuckling nervously as their children stuck their hands without fear into the water.

Next to the aquarium is an enormous Ferris wheel that provides a pretty great view of Osaka and it’s port.




  1. Osaka Kaiyuukan is definitely one of the best in the world! I absolutely loved it and spent the entire day there. It’s such a unique layout – spiraling from the top to the bottom. I’ll be sure to visit the Kaiyuukan when I’m in Osaka again.


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