Tateyama’s Snow Walls

Last weekend I woke up early in the morning to catch a train and then a bus to Tateyama’s Snow Walls (which I’ve also heard called the “snow corridor”). Even though the walls were closer to the end of their season, there were so many people wandering around, taking funny pictures and carving messages into the wall that I think added a lot of fun. I’ve been there once before in August when we climbed Tateyama and the view was just as beautiful. If not for the snow wall, the trip up into the mountains is totally worth it just for the scene that surrounds you.














  1. Hi Aki. Coincidentally, I’m planning to visit the snow walls this weekend! Do you mind me asking… how long did you spend at there, did you go up to Murodo, and the sunshine looks quite warm but was it super cold?? Thanks!!


    1. We spent about three hours up there, but could have stayed longer because there’s some restaurants and an onsen you can spend time at. I found it a relatively warm, I just wore a flannel shirt and a sweater over and was fine, but quite a few people were in winter coats. I’d compare it to late fall weather. We did go up to Murodo and my friend actually made this website that has a lot of helpful information: http://www.alpen-route.com/en/ Hope you have fun this weekend!! 😀


      1. Thanks so much!!! That’s so helpful 🙂 I actually saw that website while researching too. Super informative. I think we’re going to stay around Murodo and check out the ponds and possibly onsen. We’re also going to Kanazawa, so it’s going to be a big weekend! Thanks for your help 🙂 🙂


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