Cherry Blossoms in Toyama City

Matsukawa is a big river that runs through Toyama city. It’s pretty all year round, but especially beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms come. On the weekend, and most weekdays, the riverbed and surrounding park are filled with people eating and drinking together. It’s pretty popular for companies to have an outing and to see large groups of businessmen eating dinner together on big blue tarps. I went during the week this year and it pretty quiet, probably because it was so cold!

IMG_1491Hanami2015 IMG_1489Hanami2015 IMG_1458Hanami2015 IMG_1526Hanami2015

This spring has been really strange. A month ago the weather was flip-flopping, going from warm enough to wear just a shirt to cold enough I was back in my winter coat. My teacher told me it was called “三寒四温” Sankanshion – three days cold, four days warm. Although I took it as more of an expression it seemed to be a pretty accurate description. The cherry blossoms in Toyama Prefecture bloomed about a week and a half ago, and sadly I think all the petals are just about to start falling. Matsukawa river was just as pretty as last year, although definitely colder.

IMG_1488Hanami2015 IMG_1487Hanami2015 IMG_1483Hanami2015IMG_1477Hanami2015 IMG_1478Hanami2015 IMG_1454Hanami2015 IMG_1455Hanami2015


  1. My family were former residents of Toyama City. My daughter considers it her home . Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos of the cherry blossoms. Btw I tried to share the article and photos in your blog to my FB page but it wouldn’t appear there.


    1. Hi Necy! I’m so glad you liked the photos. It must be nostalgic to see pictures of Toyama. I’m not sure why the article won’t share properly… if I figure something out I’ll let you know. 🙂


  2. We were in Tokyo a week or so ago on holiday and we were lucky enough to see the cherry blossoms just as they had come out. They were stunning but the amazing thing was how crowded the parks were. It was like the whole city had taken the day off to have a picnic and enjoy the flowers. A great experience.


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