Adventure 18 Day One | Dinopanda


5:35 – (They journey begins!) Took the first train of the morning from Toyama Station

6:30 – Arrive in Kanazawa and buy my Seishun 18 ticket

6:57 – Depart from Kanazawa -> 8:23 – Arrive in Fukui. Learn Fukui has a whole dino-theme going on.

9:11 – Depart from Fukui -> 10:01 – Arrive in Tsuruga

10:23 – Depart Tsuruga (on the super sweet JR Special Rapid Service for Himeji!)

12:55 – Arrive in Kobe!

I slept quite a bit on the train and felt pretty good. Luckily the early hours and being one of the first people in line meant I always had a seat. I stored my suitcase in a locker in the station and went walking. Being in a new city with nothing weighing you down is a wonderful feeling. It was great to walk around the city and even better to get some good food in Chinatown.

5:27 – Depart Kobe (don’t get a seat because it’s a really busy station!)

7:31 – Arrive in Okayama

7:42 – Depart Okayama

7:53 – Arrive Hayashima station and walk to hostel

I stayed at Igusa Guest House. The hostel owners were incredibly nice and chatted with me about my trip and where I was going. There hostel is small and very homey- I really felt like I was staying at someone’s place. My original plan was to go to Naoshima the next day but luckily they told me that most things on the island were closed on the Monday.  I rearranged my schedule and decided to go to Okunoshima the next day.

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