Veggie heaven at Uozu city welcome barbecue

For all the greatness that Japanese restaurants provide, you’re hard pressed to find a large portion of vegetables. So, when the new arrivals in Uozu were invited to a welcome barbecue I was expecting mostly red meat. I was overjoyed when I was pointed to a grill with heaping platters of squash, mushrooms, green peppers and onions!

We cooked the food outdoors over large charcoal grills, giving the vegetables a mouthwatering smell and smokey taste.


Another grill was preparing piles of soba noodles, which were passed around as a side. After dinner we were given grapes and large slices of watermelon, truly a pleasant surprise as they sky high prices have had me avoiding many types if fruit.

The savoury lunch left us all full and content, certainly a warm welcome to the city!