Kyoto Gogyo’s Burnt Ramen

Gogyo restaurant serves burnt ramen just off of the Nishiki market in Kyoto. I don’t usually put the word “burnt” in front of food and expect positive results. I was a little skeptical the first time I went, but I thought hey, “I’m sure everyone eats it, I might as well try!” Actually as it turns out, no one eats burnt ramen and all my co-workers gave me dubious looks when I told them about it. So this restaurant is a little experimental, but for good reason because this ramen is amazing!

I liked it so much I’ve gone back every time I’m in Kyoto. The broth is cooked to 300 degrees which gives it an earthy smokey taste. I’ve had both the Soy (Shoyu) and Miso Ramen. The Soy Ramen broth was a little clearer and more salty and the Miso brother more dense and smokey. Both are pretty oily and the portions are big so it’s best to go when you’re really hungry and you have a leisurely evening planned.

The restaurant itself is gorgeous, with dark wooden furniture and a dimly lit atmosphere that feels both elegant and cozy.

Shoyu Ramen



Miso Ramen








Price Range: 900-1200 Yen per bowl

Monday to Friday – Lunch: 11:30-3 |  Dinner: 5:00-11:00

Saturday and Sunday – Lunch: 11:30-4 |  Dinner: 5:00-11:00

The restaurant has now opened locations in Tokyo and Nagoya! Check out all their information and menus on their website!

Location near the Nishiki Market in Kyoto.