Cherry Blossoms in Toyama City

Matsukawa is a big river that runs through Toyama city. It’s pretty all year round, but especially beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms come. On the weekend, and most weekdays, the riverbed and surrounding park are filled with people eating and drinking together. It’s pretty popular for companies to have an outing and to see large groups of businessmen eating dinner together on big blue tarps. I went during the week this year and it pretty quiet, probably because it was so cold!

IMG_1491Hanami2015 IMG_1489Hanami2015 IMG_1458Hanami2015 IMG_1526Hanami2015

This spring has been really strange. A month ago the weather was flip-flopping, going from warm enough to wear just a shirt to cold enough I was back in my winter coat. My teacher told me it was called “三寒四温” Sankanshion – three days cold, four days warm. Although I took it as more of an expression it seemed to be a pretty accurate description. The cherry blossoms in Toyama Prefecture bloomed about a week and a half ago, and sadly I think all the petals are just about to start falling. Matsukawa river was just as pretty as last year, although definitely colder.

IMG_1488Hanami2015 IMG_1487Hanami2015 IMG_1483Hanami2015IMG_1477Hanami2015 IMG_1478Hanami2015 IMG_1454Hanami2015 IMG_1455Hanami2015

A Mashup Of Spring Happenings

The past week or so has been a hodgepodge of work and events. The weather has been alternating between cool and hot… so I’ve been enjoying my fortunate location near the sea. Here is a taste of what’s been going on…

Last weekend I went down to the pier and sat closer and closer to the water to play chicken with the waves. The wind and water were refreshing and I’ve ended up with a pretty impressive and awkward-looking tan on my forearms.

This is the view from the pier looking at the mountains. The odd-shaped buildings are Uozu’s buried-forest museum which I have yet to visit… another thing to add to the to-do list for the next month.

I’m spoiled to have an awesome conveyor-belt sushi place close by, it’s the best place for a quick meal that also happens to be insanely delicious thanks to our proximity to the sea.

I needed to get a wedding present, and having no idea what type of envelope/ how much to give I was generously helped by some kind ladies at the local convenience store. Turns out one of the ladies’ sons is one of my students! What a small world, or at least a small town!

Last weekend was a dance and music festival in Uozu! The night ended with these little lanterns spread out through the park.


Kind of a lonely image of the room where I have my Japanese lessons. Kind of hints at a more empty version of Vermeer’s room paintings.

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Coca Cola has produced bottles of Coke with popular given names – it’s pretty cute even if it’s just a marketing technique. Hey, if you’re drinking Coke anyway, it’s kinda fun to have your name on it!


It’s getting hot, which sucks for the people who still have to wear button-ups and suit jackets to work. Cool Biz wear starts soon though!