Springtime changes in Toyama

The cherry blossoms have come and gone, and the prefecture is now in a temporary sweet spot of crisp air and warm sunlight. Like most Japanese buildings my apartment is highly influenced by the weather, and whether it’s the spring changes or my own changes in mood – my apartment feels so much brighter and alive. It’s been nice to do a bit of rearranging and pretty highlights around the space, almost exclusively courtesy to the magical 100 Yen store.

Some handmade flags with Oragami paper

Some makeshift decoration – a Japanese Syllabary poster and some items borrowed from the closet

My Daiso map of the world

One of my teacher’s gave this little trinket to me as a present. It’s a little functional zipper from the YKK factory in Kurobe city. This company is responsible for producing the majority of the zipper’s in the world. Check your zipper pulls, many of them are probably labelled with YKK!

A little key trinket from the YKK factory

This weekend we went down to Uozu city’s “Mirage Land” a little amusement park on the edge of the water. We were disappointed to learn we had arrived just as the rides were closing down, but the ride operators of the Ferris Wheel were kind to us and let us take a ride.

Uozu’s surprise amusement park

A bird’s eye view from the top of the Ferris Wheel

It won’t be long before this nice spring weather changes to the sweltering heat of summer- I’ll enjoy it while it’s here!